Why Your Business Needs to Start Using Instagram

Facebook and Instagram (yes you read that right, Instagram not Twitter) are currently the two most popular social media platforms in the world to this day.  Facebook has over 1.5 billion active users. Instagram comes as the not-so-close second with 400 million active users, 33% higher than the 300 million users it had in 2015. Twitter on the other hand has 310 million.

While in the past Facebook and Twitter were the most common social media platforms for businesses to promote their products, this is slowly changing. Instagram is slowly but steadily capturing the attention of companies worldwide. Here are 5 reasons why your business and marketing campaigns need to start focusing on Instagram.

  1.   Growing Popularity

As shown previously, Instagram has had a huge growth in the last few months. While it may not be viable that Instagram beats Facebook in terms of popularity – at least in the short term -, it is evident that more and more people are getting interested on the most popular photo and video sharing social media site in the world. Additionally, and according to a study made by comScore, people spend a total of 12 billion combined minutes in Instagram. This is the highest amount of time spent in social media platforms in general – excluding Facebook, obviously.

  1.   Ability to Increase Your Brand Awareness with Visual Content

Instagram is all about images and videos. This is a better way for promoting your business than text only. On top of that, Instagram allows you to share pictures using filters. What this means is that you can customize each image you want to share so that it reflects a particular meaning or mood. At the end of the day, we are emotional beings and many of the actions we take are based on our emotions. Last, but definitely not least, visual content has become one of the most common tactics used by markets to optimize social media engagement according to a report published by the Social Media Examiner in 2014.

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  1.   Feed isn’t Filtered

Instagram doesn’t apply a filter to posts you make on the feed of your followers. Facebook does. This means that even if many people follow you on Facebook, not all of them will see your posts. On the contrary, each and every post you make on Instagram will be visible to all of your followers.  The most important thing is to post regularly. This is because posts are shown in chronological order. Thus, by being constant you will surely get seen by your potential and current customers.

  1.   Mobile Friendly

Some of the most impressive mobile marketing statistics include the fact that 80% of people use their smartphone to purchase products and services, and 70% of online searches done through a mobile device end up with the person taking action in less than 60 minutes. That being said, mobile marketing is extremely important. Instagram was first invented and designed to be used as a mobile social media platform. Sharing posts on mobiles is easier and faster in Instagram than in any of the other social media sites.

  1.   High Sales Orders

Shopify has concluded that the average order value of Instagram is $65. This makes it the second highest among all social media platforms – Polyvore being the highest with the average sales order being $66.75. Other visual social media platform, namely YouTube, has an average sales order of $37.63.

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