Why We Love Extended Car Warranty (And You Should, Too!)

The world may tell you not to get extended car warranty, but it surely has a lot more advantages than disadvantages! Cost is the number one downer, but extended car warrantywill cover a lot more than other insurances.

Financial Flexibility

Money is probably the reason people who are against extended warranty insurance will use to convince you not to get one. Sure, it can be expensive, because it adds up to your usual budget. However, in the long run, it may help you save more. All drivers are not safe against unforeseen road accidents and emergency car repairs. These can be very expensive, especially when you do not have money allotted for it.


Setting aside a part of your budget for extended car warranty can help you save a lot more in the long run, because even expensive parts or repairs can be covered. The cost of extended car warranty varies depending on the services you choose to include in your insurance. You will have to decide on which extended car insurance to get depending on your needs to be able to balance your finances with it.

Comprehensive Coverage

Extended car warranty insurance offers a lot more parts and services for your car compared to the insurance which came with it when you first purchased it. Moreover, the length of coverage may be longer, depending on the terms of the contract. The insurance offered by your car manufacturer may be limited by certain criteria, such as distance driven by the car or the age of the car.

Extended car warranty may offer repair services for damages incurred by weather-related events, theft, or dents. These are not usually included by insurance covered by the car manufacturer.Allianz Comprehensive car insurance also offers services out of the usual car insurance – paperwork, accounting, and assistance during road emergencies. The cost may be a lot more compared to other types of insurance, but a lot more benefits are definitely covered.


Bundle of Benefits

Other than a comprehensive list of parts and services, as well as allowance for more flexible financing, extended car warranty insurance offers a lot more miscellaneous benefits. Since it is customizable, certain car brands offer their own extended car warranty, such as Mazda extended warranty Australia. Those who are against extended car warranty will say that brands for auto parts for repair or replacement are limited. You will not be able to choose your trusted auto repairs shops. However, quality is assured, because insurance companies will only want the best for their clients. Moreover, the client is protected from fake car parts, which is good for long-term car use.

You will also be able to sell your car at a higher price if you choose to, because including allianz extended car warrantyincreases resell prices. This assures your prospective buyer that maintenance of the car was assured, making your car more attractive for buyers.

You get what you pay for when it comes to car insurance, and extended car warranty offers the most and the best. You will surely get a lot more than what you pay for in the long run.

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