Why Business Cards Matter

In a world of internet marketing, some people think that business cards are entirely irrelevant. They view these cards as things of the past that have no role in modern society. However, if you fail to incorporate business cards into your marketing plan, you are making a serious error that could have deleterious consequences for the future and success of your company.

Networking Events

Choosing color THICK business cards helps you when you attend networking events. Telling people to check out your website is not enough. Many people are likely to forget the web address. Also, if you don’t have a business card, you appear unprofessional. Networking events are generally in-person meetings, so you want to have a card on your person to exchange. People are likely to give you their business cards, so you want to do the same in return.


Building Credibility

Some people may actually question your ability to function as a company if you do not have a business card, especially at those networking events. Individuals and other businesses are looking to work with professionals in the field. Lacking a business card suggests that you are a neophyte who does not know how to properly market your company. People may question what other skills you lack in the area of running a company.

Target Audience Members

Many people do research companies online when they want to know more. However, not everyone does. Some target audiences are heavily composed of people who do not conduct the majority of their research online or who prefer traditional marketing methods. If that sounds like your target audience members, then you absolutely need to use modes of marketing that speak to them. Doing so helps to reach out to them, but it also allows you to build a sense of trust with them.

Leaving Your Mark

Chances are, you’ve had the experience of going into a coffee shop, florist, restaurant or other type of entity and seeing business cards spread out on a table or near the cash register. If you do not create business cards, then you entirely lose out on this opportunity. Even if the majority of your target audience members look up businesses on the internet, they probably still do some of their shopping in-person. By figuring out where these people are going for their shopping needs, you can determine the best places to leave your business cards.

In a marketplace where the internet has such a great deal of power, losing sight of traditional modes of marketing is easier. However, some of your customers still prefer these methods. In the event that they do not, business cards still allow you to reach out to people in a different way.

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