Wellsaw – Maker of Precision Band Saws

If you are in the market of high quality and long lasting metal bandsaws, it would be wise to search for companies that offer these machines at affordable prices. One company that comes to mind is Wellsaw.

Metal Band SawsNeed to Be Strong

Cutting hard materials like metals takes a lot of hard and efficient work. These two elements must be combined in working with metals because the absence of one will result in a product that will not stand up to close scrutiny.

Metal cutting needs strength and accuracy. And this is where the metal cutting machineries of Wellsaw will be of much use.


Wellsaw’s Credibility

This company was established in 1926. Its original business is to manufacture a hinge variety of metal cutting band saws. Through all these years, it has succeeded in producing this and other types of metal band saws. Even today, their original line of band saws is still being ordered by many customers.

Currently, the company manufactures a complete line of top notch metal cutting band sawswithconstruction and features that guarantee accurate cutting, ease of use and durability.

The company’s manufacturing facility in Michigan is always busyproducing these band saws.  As a means of customer support, the company carries a whole line of band saw spare parts

Product Lines

To give you an idea of the bandsaws that Wellsawmanufactures, here is a list that includes their relevant specifications:

  1. Portable Metal Cutting Band saw

Portable Metal Cutting Band saw – this band saw has a hydraulic controlled feed with an adjustable counterbalance spring. The motor is Baldor Blade, has a quick vise and with automatically shuts off at the end of the cut. One unit will cost you $3,765.It is shipped free.

  1. Stationary Band saw

Model 613 – this is a wet cutting band saw, with fast acting vise, auto shut-off at completion of cut and has a tiger-tooth bimetal blade. The price of one unit is $5,695 with free shipping.

  1. Semi-automatic Band saw

This is a semi-automatic band saw complete with a swivel head type feature. It has spring-loaded guides made of carbide with rollers, with a Baldor motor of 3-horsepower. Its cutting system is wet and has pan that goes around fully with fast acting vise which is air powered. A unit costs $17,100 and is shipped free.

  1. Manual Band saw

Model 1016 – this manual bandsaw has spring-loaded guides made of carbide with rollers, has a 2-horsepower Baldor Motor, with variable hydraulic down feed control and flood type wet cutting system. The cost of one unit is $7,595 and is also shipped free.

  1. Semi-automatic Bandsaw

This is a semi-automatic band saw with carbide guides with rollers. It has a 3-horsepower Baldor motor, with wet based system for cutting and fast acting vise which is air powered. One unit will cost you $14,800, and shipment is free.

  1. Vertical Band saw

Model V20 – this is a vertical band saw with one of a kind heavy durability roller guides. It can rotate 90 degrees to accommodate longer materials. The machine has a Baldor motor, with chip blower and tiger teeth bimetal blade. One unit costs $9,595 with free shipment.

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