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Various tanks you can add to your house for rainwater conservation

The water tanks from long has been an essential need for every household and it is really important for you to save and harvest rain water in order to reduce the dependence on the groundwater resources that are getting overly exploited. There are a number of water tanks that are available in the market that you can buy for your home. Here is just a look at some of these water tanks that you can add to your home for harvesting the rainwater:

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GRP one piece water tanks:

As clear with the name these are one piece tanks that are perfect for a small household. These tanks are equipped with the insulated outer cabinets that prevent contamination and at the same time keep the water unaffected from the outside temperatures. The change in the water temperature can lead to generation of the bacteria which in turn will have a say on the quality of water and it will no longer be potable. Thus, these tanks are coated with those disinfectants to remove any such scenario.

GRP housing tanks:

These tanks are available in various sizes from 25mm to 100mm thickness of sheets and a capacity of 45k to 90k liters of water can be stored in it which can last for a few months in case of a nuclear family. You can also have GRP Tank Housings in a number of shapes from the l shaped tanks to the normal square shaped tanks to semi sectional tanks as per your choice and the space in your house.


Semi-Sectional tanks:

These GRP Water Tanks are ideal for you to install in your house. With the ability to disassociate and rejoin, it gets way more convenient to install them anywhere in your house. You can also use GRP covers in association with these tanks to prevent any kind of foreign element from having effect on the quality of water.



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