Valuemags is a magazine company offering Americans free subscriptions. They are affiliated with other brands in order to give their customer base free issues as well. Unfortunately the way it shows up on the affiliates webpage is not always clear they got a subscription with ValueMags. When a few weeks go by and the customers receive their first copy, they are usually shocked as to how they ended up getting it. That is when they take to the Internet and write about their experience. Valuemags has many different topics available for customers to choose from. Anywhere from food to weddings to fashion, they got it. One of the most subscribed to issues would have to be in the category of fashion. Since the fall season is getting closer, writers are preparing for the up and coming trends. Fall is a big season for the fashion industry since it is a time where the temperature is getting colder but women still want a nice clean look without all the bulk.


Generally people who write about fashion have a few key pieces that are versatile and go with pretty much anything you through at it. There is a general rule for most things and it even applies to your wardrobe. You tend to wear 80% of only 20% of your clothes. It is best to organize your closet according to what you wear most and by season. If there is something you haven’t touched in over a year, odds are you will never wear it again. At that point it is best to donate it to a local charity.

When it comes to trends, only buy in if you love the look or else it will look as though it is wearing you. Fashion is about expressing the type of person you are to the world. When you go shopping and you think you like something, either sleep on it of think about how you can wear it. Or else it may be just hanging in your closet for the longest time. A great tip is before you go shopping, organize your wardrobe by the different pieces you own. For example, group all of your pants in one area, put all your blouses in another so you can know what you own and in what color. This way there is less of a chance to buy something that is very similar to another thing you already own.

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