ValueMags Sets The Story Straight

Recently, ValueMags have been receiving many questions about why their subscribers or people are getting or not getting magazines sent through ValueMags. ValueMags wants to set the story straight by answering all of their clients questions in the following lines.

Q: Why is this magazine being sent to me?

A: The magazine you are receiving was included at no extra cost from your purchase at one of our partner’s online stores. It is important for receivers of a ValueMags magazines to understand that they have not been change nor does ValueMags have their billing information. If they receiver of the magazine wishes to cancel, contact ValueMags with no hesitation.


Q: Am I getting billed if I never signed up for ValueMags?

A: The mail that you receive from ValueMags may be a renewal offer rather than a bill. If you do not wish to renew, discard the paper. Again, ValueMags does not have have your billing information. Also, if you are being billed, ValueMags highly suggests to cancel your credit card or those payments because they are from another mock company, not ValueMags. ValueMags never asks you for your billing information. They only offer FREE subscriptions.

Q: Why am I getting this magazine?

A: Similar to the first question, the ValueMags subscription is through a sponsored online promotional offer. Unfortunately, there is telling which offer initiated the magazine and someone could have done it for you too. You can contact ValueMags to cancel at anytime. Again, ValueMags does not have your billing information.

If you wish to reach out to ValueMags with any additional questions, please contact them using the links above. They would be happy to provide you with answers to all your questions.

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