ValueMags Says It’s Important to Invest in Your Employees

ValueMags is a successful business that specializes in magazine distribution. The ambitious company has recently expanded their distribution process worldwide. Due to this recent expansion, ValueMags employees are experiencing a little bit of confusion and are adjusting daily. This is not a comfortable process for anyone but they are doing it as a team. During expansion, companies often don’t realize that employees are going through an adjusting process too and neglect their feelings. So what did ValueMags that most companies don’t do for their employees?


ValuesMag with the expansion, realized that employees also feared for their jobs. Understandably, as the North American economy is on a down spiral, turnover rates and layoffs are occurring more and more often. This means that employees are insecure and anxious in the workplace. Being nervous and anxious also means that employees may not be as effective on the job because they are burdened with other thoughts. Some may even be looking for another job with job insecurity or the fear of their job changing too much with the jobs in ValueMags being altered. So, ValueMags management decided to begin investing more time and money in their employees and their happiness. By investing time and money into their working conditions and benefits, employees will feel valued and ultimately more secure.

To add, medium and small sized companies like ValueMags cannot afford high turnover rates. It is costly to retrain people. Instead, ValueMags thinks that it is better to treat the employees they have right from the get go and provide them with the training and necessary tools to be happy at and excel at their job.

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