Types of Vintage Cars that Fit Weddings Perfectly

Classic cars are usually the top choice for bridal cars, and it is easy to understand why. They offer a sense of romance and elegance, a nostalgic vibe, and a regal atmosphere even to an otherwise modest wedding. If you happen to be organizing a wedding-or getting married, then for sure you have already shortlisted a few car choices, and among them fall under the vintage line.

But how exactly do you choose the right vintage car for your wedding event? If you are to scout a vintage car rental in Singapore, then you may happen to stumble upon these popular models:


  1. Mini Cooper

The Mini Cooper is cute, classic, and compact, and these features make it a top choice for bridal cars.

This vintage car is a favourite by couples because despite its small size, it offers comfortable seating interiors. It also gives the bride and groom an intimate vibe, as the limited space makes them sit closer together. And yes, in terms of speed and functionality, the Mini Cooper is faster compared to other vintage cars.

Mini Coopers are perfect for church weddings, but they can also be used during garden weddings too. If the bride and groom are feeling a bit hipster, then they can use this car not only for their wedding, but also during their pre-nuptial photo shoots as well.

  1. Volkswagen Beetle

Another popular vintage car that is used in weddings is the Volkswagen Beetle. Still a pretty common car these days, the Beetle enjoyed its own time of fame for many centuries, mainly because of its cheap price and functional design until more modern cars took over.

The vintage Beetle can be a good choice for a bridal car, especially if you want things to be casual and not too formal. You may also opt for the convertible kind of Beetle, so that you can open the shade as you drive to the church or to the wedding venue.

  1. Volkswagen Kombi

The Volkswagen Campervan, otherwise known as the Kombi, is also a top choice for vintage bridal cars. Yes, it is considered a bridal car too, mainly because of the high demand of couples who want to use this for their respective wedding celebrations.

Aside from being a classic car, there are other reasons that make the Kombi a top choice for weddings. It can be used as the main bridal car, but it could also be used as the transport vehicle for the guests. In this light you may have to rent at least two Kombis: one for the bride and groom and the others for the guests.

Like the Beetle, the Kombi offers a hipster and nostalgic vibe to its users. If you happen to be following a ‘60s or ‘70s theme for your wedding, then this is the car to get. The same goes for outdoor wedding celebrations, as the Kombi is the perfect car to be parked in picnic groves, gardens, and even beachside reception areas.

  1. Vespa (and other classic sidecars)

Meanwhile, if you are looking for a classic vehicle but don’t want to use a car, then go for a Vespa! Vespa motorcycles are very romantic, and they are also ideal for couples who want to feel carefree during their wedding.

Vespa motorcycles that are being used as wedding vehicles are often attached with sidecars, thus the bride and groom may either choose to drive it themselves, or hire a separate driver to take them to and out of their wedding venue.

Classic sidecars are now becoming popular among vintage car rentals in Singapore, so if you dare to be different on your wedding, then these are the vehicle options to take.

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