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Things that Put Instagram on the Road to Success

Instagram, with its recent billion-dollar acquisition by Facebook became a shining example of startup success which has since inspired and driven several startups to become great. In only a few days this wonderful photo-sharing mobile app seemed to take a huge leap from zero to a whopping 30 million plus users and about 10 million or more US visits within March 2012. This means that it is up by 1000 percent from December 2011.

Today it has over 400 million active users worldwide. Its valuation in 2012 was $50 million more than the New York Times that was supposed to be 116 years old then. Instagram has had an incredible run and obviously, it was not just luck. Instagram has come this far because it did manage to do few important things right. Here we would be discussing some of them.

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Instagram Functioned as an Agile Start-up

Though Instagram recorded a meteoric growth, it managed to keep its overhead pretty low with its employees totaling to just 13 and its headquarters were pretty modest. But most importantly, Instagram stayed agile enough to change gears from its previous idea of Burbn, a location-based social networking platform to primarily an iPhone app with its sole focus on photo-sharing. Instagram was never in a hurry to look for revenue or hire more workers; instead, the company went about diligently with complete concentration on the growth of the platform, its aesthetic offerings, and its community.

Instagram Smartly Took Advantage of the Mobile Explosion

Instagram’s timing was simply perfect and it capitalized on the historic boom in smartphone use. Instagram began as an iPhone app and it successfully managed to target the rapidly increasing multitude of trendy iPhone-app users. Instagram decided to wait patiently till Android achieved almost 50 percent of the mobile market share, to introduce the long-awaited app on that particular platform. Instagram cleverly did not think of putting too much emphasis on the web space. However, it has a web version known as the Webstagram.

Instagram Never Worried About Making Money

Instagram’s complete focus was on building and strengthening its community, functionality and user base rather than on becoming stressed about how it was going to make more and more money. Instagram never chased money as such it could concentrate on making the app more efficient. Instagram of course, paid some attention to procuring VC funding.

Instagram Exemplified a Major Cultural Switchover to Photo Inboxes

Instagram intensified the real need for visual communication and today more and more people are using photo-sharing apps for connecting with their friends. Instagram began with the premise that social interactions would increasingly become visual. Today we find that people are sharing their experiences through photos. They are posting pictures to tell their friends what they actually had for lunch, or even share special moments such as weddings or birthdays or show some exotic place where they had been to. The ultimate aim is to share your life with your friends instead of just keeping a memory. With the rise of photo apps, social networks, and smartphones, today it has become far easier to take and share a photo. Visit for all your Instagram solutions.

Instagram’s Interface Remained Junk-Free

If you end up spending only about 15 minutes on Instagram, there is every chance that you would be simply hooked onto it. You would come across fascinating pictures. Instagram is said to charge up your mobile screen and fill it up with emotion and certainly not loads of icons and controls. On Instagram, the focus is only on the photo. Instagram created a brand new world of its own where pictures are all important and the chief focus is certainly not on functionality.

These are just a few of the things that really worked for Instagram but these may not always work for all startups. Only in retrospect, we can see that Instagram actually did everything right. However, apparently all along the way, some critics have been criticizing every move, every step, and every decision that was being made by the company then.

Author Bio: William Brooks is a social media expert who is attached to a private consultancy firm. He is responsible for marketing strategies and social media planning. He has been following Instagram very closely and depends on for all his Instagram solutions.

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