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The most bizarre workplace accidents

From manual lifting accidents to repetitive strain injury, there are many accidents that can occur in the workplace. It doesn’t matter whether you work in an office or a warehouse, there is a unique set of injuries you need to protect yourself from. However, the workplace accidents mentioned below could never have been anticipated and prepared for. We take a look at some of the most bizarre workplace incidents.


  • Tripping over a loose wheelchair strap – A teaching assistant was handed a remarkable £800,00 in compensation after tripping over a loose strap while moving a wheelchair at work. The accident resulted in her dislocating her finger, which caused outrage amongst those who had received much smaller compensation payouts for more severe injuries. However, Mrs Huddart argued that she was now in constant pain due to on-going reflux sympathetic dystrophy, and that her husband was now her carer.
  • Deadly perfume – This incident took place at an American call centre. Almost 150 people became ill, experiencing shortness of breath and dizziness. It was believed that a toxic fume was causing the problem, with more than 30 people being rushed to hospital. However, the cause of the issue was someone spraying her perfume!
  • Hearing loss from loud customers – One employee in New York claimed that 31 years of working for the same company in numerous customer-related roles had caused significant hearing loss. She had indeed lost 20 per cent of her hearing, and attributed it to the loud, angry customers, but she was unable to prove that the employer was at fault.
  • Loss of sight from a bowling ball – Construction is a dangerous industry, but no one would expect a bowling ball to be the cause of damage. Nevertheless, one worker in Pennsylvania found a bowling ball on-site, and a number of activities followed, including seeing who could shotput the ball the furthest. The worker then attempted to break the ball using a sledgehammer, which caused it to shatter and a piece launched itself in his eye. This resulted in a loss of sight.
  • Struck by lightening – You may think that getting struck by lightening is a rare yet possible consequence of working outdoors. However, the poor man who was injured was actually a teaching assistant that was sitting at his desk. The lightening struck the exterior of the building and travelled through the window, striking him while sitting at his desk.
  • Attacked by a bear – Now, if you are working as a bear feeder, then there is a chance that an accident could happen. The man who was mauled by grizzly bears had put himself in a dangerous situation, and thus the incident itself may not be such a shock. What is a shock is that he had been smoking marijuana and received $65,000 in compensation despite being in a knowingly dangerous environment. The judge stated that bears did not discriminate against anything, marijuana use included, and thus the fact that he had been smoking was deemed irrelevant.

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