State Of The Art Test Plugs For Specıal Customers Of Plugco

PLUGCO produces state of the art, highly wear free test plugs. Our test plugs have been specially developed for very different requirements of different industries. They are made of high quality material. Plugco offers secure and efficient solutions for quick testing and reparing works. There is complete line of Test Plugs used for pressure testing of pipe pipelines and pressure vessels. Our test plugs are safe and effective even testing at high working pressures. Plugco’s test plugs are used for quick, safe and trustful pipe isolation, weld testing, cutting, beveling etc.


Plugco Test Plugs with Various Capabilities Customized for Your Requirement

Plugco’s Test Plugs are very practical and economical which saves your time and money. With its various capabilities the special design of our test plugs makes it more attractive for the customers. Our test plugs have a high-lift seal and it has the capabilitiy to be expanded more and more. It easily passes through the weld and no need to exert any other force to penetrate for pipe clearance.

For more information our test plugs please see our website on PlugCo and Please contact one of our experts for your requirements.

Inflatable pipe plug

Plugco is a well known pipe plug producing company from Turkey. The company produce high quality standardized structures which are suitable to the European Standard EN 1610 testing system.

The Plugco has become famous with the extensive product line which included many kinds of the structures such as flexible multi size pipe plug and pipe test plug, single size pipe plug, low air pressure pipe test plug, manhole test plug, oval pipe test plug, conical pipe test plug, joint test plug, multi size short and packer, gas (nitrile rubber) plug etc. In addition to all of these terms, the company gives inflatable pipe plug opportunities to their customers for meeting their needs.

The Plugco has a deserved reputation in this sector by producing too modernized technological structures such as pipe balloon. Their first aim is making the customers’ satisfied. If you want to be a satisfied customer of the company, click on

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