Software Solutions For Business

In the last years, working as an IT business  consultant,  I was simply astonished by the large companies inability to use simple and cheap software solutions that would have really helped them, improved productivity, improved leads-sales conversion rate, and of course, the average return of investment for several departments.

You already know that the internet allows us to communicate faster, to collaborate better, to use software solutions that are improving your company’s  overall productivity,  to make use of the new marketing solutions that the new trends are putting on the table.

Of course, with change comes opportunity – and opportunity for the companies that are searching for it, opportunity that is then followed by a lot of changes in most of the worlds industries, on the way the people are making business with each other, in the way the people are judging business opportunities.


As a consulting expert recently I was able to improve by more than 100% the efficiency of a large real estate company that was unable to read the trends and to adapt accordingly -where a lot of realtors were working, especially realtors that have not wished to adapt to the online world realities.

So – this company has a lot of issues with the time spent by each realtor related to the actual sales. So… a lot of people were visiting potential apartments, but not buying them, and this happened up until we implemented (first as a pilot) a solution by Tour Wizard, which helped each realtor to build its own virtual tour for the apartments that he was selling.

Also, this software solution helped a lot with the marketing, as the realtors were able to send the presentations by email to potential clients, that would then very easily evaluate each location, each property and of course, only requested a visiting appointment at the properties that seemed interesting for him.

So, from a business point of view, software is crucial.

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