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Societal Role of Advertising as a Marketing Tool

Every one of us has often heard as well as uttered complaints about the number of advertisements popping up. Be it browsing your social media accounts, going on a long drive or talking a walk on the streets, advertisements are omnipresent. From the digital media clips to billboards to your local guy delivering fliers, advertising is practiced through an elaborate network and is a perennial process. At this juncture, one might ask whether advertising is really a beneficial process and what its ramifications on society are. Would it not be better to do away with the entire concept? Here are a few societal advantages of advertising.

Raising Awareness in the Consumers

Advertising aims at informing consumers about the brands and its products. If we take a look at the advertising industry, we observe that not all the advertisements are aimed at increasing purchases and serving the bourgeois. Many advertisements cater to social causes such as reducing the number of smokers, preventing crimes against women etc. The government of different countries uses advertisements to spread awareness about contacts to be used in case of emergencies as well as attract the public to social welfare causes.


Bridging the gap between the Company and the Consumer

Today, the consumer knows what he is buying, who manufactured it and the history of the company. Such information has reached the masses only with the help of advertisements. It also involves funding from different agencies which directly result in creating jobs as well as improving the state of the economy. Advertisements convey information about the product directly to the consumer who can always address the firm at a later date if this information is not delivered upon. In this manner, the concept of advertising breaks barriers between consumers and producers in the market.

Advertising as a quality standard for the company

The following might be difficult to believe but many studies show that expensive advertisements result in higher sales. These studies conducted by top economists have revealed a surprising aspect of consumer behavior. Apparently, consumers take the sign of an expensive advertisement as encouragement of the company’s performance and quality. For example, a brand of cereal with a leading celebrity as a brand ambassador performs better in the market than one without a celebrity endorsing it, because it has the quality and financial backing to afford such marketing techniques. Orangelabel Advertising is one of the firms that regularly helps firms capture market share using this technique.

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