Small Business Time Management Tips to increase productivity

  1. Always prepare ahead or in advance: Firstly, there is the need to prepare for work list for the following day; it could be evening or night before. The appropriate exercise one need to do is to always plan the entire following day as the basic thing before returning home from work. When one plans for the day, the night before, one sub conscious goes to work on such a person goals and plans while he or she is asleep. Very often, one can arise in the morning with the thoughts, insights and ideas that apply to the work of the day.


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  1. Properly scheduling of time: Proper scheduling of time releases energy and minimizes stress: The very means of applying organizational skills to plan for the day, week, month or probably a year provides a feeling of control as this assist in maximizing productivity throughout the day as well as been in charge’s of one’s life. It basically enhances a sense of personal power as well as increases one’s self-esteem
  2. Beginning early: For one to maximize productivity there is the need to begin the day as early as possible; the more time one spends to sit, reason, think and plan; the more organized such a person will be in the every area of life. In the autobiographies and biographies of successful and famous men and women; almost all of them possess one thing to a great extent.


  1. Enhancing of Organizational Skills: There is the need to always resolve and improve the organizational skills as well as making use of the filling system both at work and at home. As much as forty-percent of working time presently is wasted looking for lost items. These are things that are misplaced but have not been properly filed. There are usually few activities that are so frustrating and annoying as wasting time looking for a lost materials or items because no consideration was given to retrieval or filling system. The simplest and appropriate of all filling systems is an alphabetical system. In respect to a filing system, one should possess a master record or a list f all files and documents in a single settings as this master list provides title of each file and also states where the file is situated. To get more leads you can Hire Business Content Writers.
  2. Air Migration Productivity: A vital aspect where organizational skills are vital is travel most especially travelling by air. It was believed that some years ago, a regional airline that usually used by the Western U.S which was used by the consulting firm to compare the outcome of flying class with the working in a normal office and a flying economy class.

            What was discovered was that the one hour of uninterrupted work time in airplane produced a more of three hours of work in a usual work environment? The keywords here are “interrupted” and “consistent”. It is important to note that if one organize and plan ahead of work before leaving for the airport, one can maximize productivity by fulfilling a huge amount while in the air


  1. Maximize Productivity with Prime time: There is need for one to organize or plan his or her life properly while doing creative work most especially during internal prime time. One’s prime time is the time of the day based on one’s body clock when you are the most productive and alert. To most people, this is morning while to some people, however; it is probably evening. Basically, an artist, writer or an entertainer may discover that his or her prime time is in the early or beginning hours of the morning. It is always vital that one must be aware of his or her internal prime time in other to schedule his or her time especially in one’s most vital or significant projects so as to maximize productivity. One’s most important or significant work often requires such an individual to be at his or her best, alert and creative. It is important to ask yourself “what time or periods of the day do one mostly feels this way”?

It is also important to put into consideration external primetime as this is the time when one’s client’s or customer’s are mostly readily available. There is need to also put into consideration the need of structuring or planning for the day for both internal and external prime times.

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