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Reverse Osmosis is used for Maple syrup production

Reverse osmosis is used often in wholesale maple syrup production. It is a fascinating process of when two solutions with different levels of a solute are taken apart by a semi-permeable membrane. In water purification it is taking salt out of seawater. In wholesale maple syrup production, it is taking the water from the sap that you tap out of the trees each spring. Some do boiling of it as it is the more conventional method. That produces an extremely high amount of steam coming off as it boils.

One of the best methods:

There are around eight production methods to turn sap from a sugar maple tree into syrup that you put on your pancakes in the morning. Wholesale maple syrup is a very complicated process. One of the more effective but expensive methods is reverse osmosis. This works by taking raw sap out of the collection area and creating pressure that pushes it through a semi permeable membrane. Only water can make it through the system.

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  1. Sap and the water go in.
  2. Pressure in the pump pushes it.
  3. The sap and water go through the semi permeable membrane system.
  4. Only water comes out.
  5. What is left of the sap continues to evaporate

More syrup less wasted sap:

What you have left is pure wholesale maple syrup sap without the water. It is now ready for filtration. This is the new wholesale maple syrup production module. The old way of doing it was by firewood. It would take an enormous amount of fire wood to make any larger amount of wholesale maple syrup

  1. This system put a stack of firewood underneath evaporator pans.
  2. The sap would evaporate
  3. What would result is wholesale maple syrup

Both systems have their benefits and drawbacks. The reverse osmosis wholesale maple syrup module makes really thick dense syrup but the new machine is in the double digits of thousands of dollars. You can get a used or refurbished model for a decent price. The wood burning module is cheaper but it you have to buy the firewood then that part will be costly. Avoid the hassle of making your own and contact.

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