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Revamping Your Nightclub

Whether you’re just getting into the business by purchasing an existing nightclub or you’ve already owned one for a few years, it is very important to keep the look and feel of your venue fresh if you want to stay relevant. Most nightclubs have a shelf life of two to three years before customers start moving onto something new, so revamping your brand periodically can keep you in business and in the black.

In fact, if you’ve ever seen a nightclub get shutdown and change names, chances are that the same person still owns the club but has given it a completely new identity to reignite interest in the market. There are many different ways you can go about revamping your nightclub to make it appear fresh and new, but there are a few ways that are the most cost effective and impactful so you can maximize your profitability once again.

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Change the Name

First and foremost, you need to change the name of your nightclub in order to give the feel of someplace brand new. Changing the look of your club without changing the name will certainly bring in a bit of fresh clientele, but doing them together will bring in many more new faces. Come up with a fresh, modern, name to cater to the younger crowd with a new logo that can be seen from the streets as people pass by to generate the most interest possible.

Change the Theme

Once you get people into the door with the new name on marquee, you need to blow them away with a fresh feel inside the nightclub as well. Changing the color of the paint on the walls will only get you so far, so you should really consider hiring a designer to come in and help you plan your new theme. You’ll want to change the lighting style, the look and feel of the bar, and even the way the tile in the bathrooms look if you’re going to get a new set of patrons interested. It may seem time consuming and expensive, but if you do it right you can enjoy a packed venue for another few years; as well as all the profits that come along with it!


New Specials

Having some fresh and exciting changes to your menu is vital to re-sparking interest in a nightclub location. Mixology is only in its infancy and has already made huge waves in the industry with all sorts of unexpected flavors and combinations, so make sure you’re tapping into that excitement. Also, you need to offer things like VIP bottle service for an additional charge. It’s amazing how much you can charge for a bottle of vodka if you simply attach some bottle sparklers before it’s delivered to the table. Also, serving food is crucial since it will keep customers in your club longer. The longer your patrons stay, the bigger their bill is going to be.

By freshening up your nightclub’s image, you can ensure many more years of success at your current location. Revamping your nightclub may cost a little bit of money upfront as well as some of your valuable time, but if you do it right it will pay off in spades.

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