Reputation Management: Japanese SteakHouse

Steakhouse’s are the prime restaurants of North American culture and reputation management is in charge of taking care of a specific restaurant’s online marketing; it’s a Japanese steakhouse. This steakhouse is like none other, they use the greatest beef in all the world, Japanese wagyu beef. The reason why this beef is special is because the way the cow is taken care of. The farmers for wagyu beef tend to sing to the cow, massage its spine and feed it amazing grain food that is healthy. They do all this because they believe if the cow is relaxed, it produces the greatest meat ever made. The meat tends to melt in your mouth when ingested and it’s always cooked to medium rare. It’s an insult to over cook the meat or undercook it; the Japanese are all about caring for the cow and the meat. Even when they have to end the life of the cow, it’s done in such a way where the cow doesn’t suffer or see’s it coming because slaughterhouses in North America, the cows can see what will happen to them and they tense up. This causes the meat to lose it’s tenderness and the shock they feel will travel throughout the body where it becomes tense everywhere. The Japanese respect the animal for giving its life in order for people to have food so they enjoy caring for the animal and the let the cow live a long and happy life before it becomes food. However, it’s not only about the meat, the hands of the chef also plays an important role.


Reputation management advertised the restaurant on social media on how the chefs at the restaurant prepared the meals and cooked it to perfection. From slicing the meat to perfect cuts to searing it on high heat for a mere minute, the chef creates something out of this world. It’s not only the quality of the meat but the chef’s skills that makes the plate even better. Reputation management places emphasis on both factors which adds to the experience of dining at this restaurant.

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