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Orthopaedic Surgeon Job Description

Orthopaedic surgeons arguably do one of the most crucial types of surgery’s out there besides brain surgeons. Many people believe that the feet are the base of your support and are responsible for how the rest of your body operates.

ultrasound technicians

The orthopaedic surgeon job description consists of diagnosing treating conditions that are related to feet such as bones, joint, muscular, tendon, ligament, skin, and nerve issues. These can stem from birth, stress, infections but most often age and sports related injuries. Most sports require individuals to run, jog, walk, or do some unnatural movement with the leg which leads directly to the foot.

Similar to the way a house has to be build on a solid foundation to last a long time and create a good base for the future, the same applies to the human body. This means the base is our feet. It is important that from birth, children’s feet are cared for and are treated the right way. A common mistake parents will make explain orthopaedic surgeons, with their kids is that they put them in ‘‘supportive shoes’’ from day one. On the contrary, putting children in supporting shoes from the day they start walking means that you are already morphing their feet and not letting them take their natural form. The best shoes are ones with little to no support and ideally, they shouldn’t wear shoes the majority of the time, just socks.

A recent study says that 80 percent of people (all ages) who have foot problems also have other pains in their legs, lower back, middle to higher back, and even neck. For some, foot problems can lead to headaches and even migraines. For this reason, orthopaedic surgeons are the ones that determine, when operating on feet, legs, or back, what kind of outcome the patient may have in terms of overall body pain in the future. This is also considering the other variables such as the surgery is successful, the patient is careful and does the appropriate exercises when the time comes, and follows up regularly.

Everything is connected and orthopaedic surgeons are some of the most important and most needed doctors.

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