ORM Services on Anker SoundCore

Many corporations to help boost sales or increase awareness of their product(s) and/or service(s) use online reputation services. Take Anker, they are a small tech company that operates in California who manufacture portable chargers, wires, lamps and portable speakers. Whatever they create, they make sure it is of the highest standards possible.


ORM Services loaded websites with articles talking about the specifications of the Bluetooth speaker. Sound core is Bluetooth 4.0, with 24-hour playtime on the battery on 80% volume; battery capacity of 4440 mph and it takes about 5 hours to charge the device. This Bluetooth speaker is probably one of the best sounding portable speaker anyone can buy and at a price of $35.99, it’s practically free. The cheapest Bose portable speaker is about $116, a difference of $80.00. The $80 difference is still not worth it since the Anker actually produces a better overall sound compared to the Bose speaker. Anker Soundcore is quite small and smooth to the touch. It looks very sharp and feels sturdy when holding it. Soundcore has dual high performance drivers for the amazing sound. It supposedly has a spiral casing designed to deliver the bass without loosing clarity in the highs and Mids. Just reading the description, it seems like a speaker that should be priced over $150.00 and honestly, all the people who purchased it would probably still buy it for $150.00 because it’s worth the quality. Not many speakers can do what Soundcore does. The Bluetooth has a range of 66 feet. That’s huge but the quality might depend on the connectivity of your phone. The downside is if you have a phone that is 5 years old, it might not fully use its power to the fullest. It will probably disconnect often and have a frequent lag. Even though it feels sturdy in ones hand, it seems as though if dropped, it might break and stop working. However, it seems to be built well, nothing feels loose and fragile. What is truly magnificent is the sound. It is unparalleled within Bluetooth speaker industry because the sound is ridiculously amazing and out of this world. Some songs felt like a new song all together when listening on this speaker. The sound is even better than many stock speakers on 50-inch television screens.

Online reputation services tended to focus on the sound the speaker produced and the sound was truly fantastic. There are no other speakers like this on the market.

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