Meet Chuck Whitman: A Brand Name in the Capital Management Industry

Infinium Capital Management (ICM), LLC is considered as one of the most reliable wealth management companies in the United States. In 2001, Charles Whitman, popularly known as Chuck Whitman,  met Brian Johnson and planned to give rise to a joint venture with a notion to serve investors with money-making investment management solutions. His experience, awareness, extraordinary market analysis ability and determined efforts helped him in establishing ICM in 2002 and in boosting his enterprise as one of the most genuine and reliable Wealth Management firms in Chicago.


The establishment began its journey with only 7 employees and in no time developed into an organization with staff strength of over 250 workforces. ICM is known to be one of the most distinguished wealth management establishments in the United States. The company is a leading edge business initiative that emphasizes on substantial electronic trading business. While the company has achieved an extensive place in the American Capital market, it also acts as a major operator in asset management for several external business allies.

Originally, Chuck Whitman was appointed as the CEO of Infinium Capital Management and he served the position until 2012 when Scott Rose, the head of the Trading department at ICM was appointed to replace him. Mr. Whitman was then assigned as the chairman of the ICM Group.

In 2013, Chuck Whitman introduced his individual project – the Whitman Asset Management Company. His philosophy for the project has been significantly different than those of ICM. The Whitman Asset Management Company believes in focusing on presenting the most progressive Macro Tactical Asset Management strategies and approaches. Known for his immense talent and dedication towards his work, Mr. Whitman worked extensively on researching and studying about the various Macro Strategic business methodologies before introducing his project. Needless to say, this led the company to achieve success and visibility in the industry in no time. Of course, the acclaim for the enormous accomplishment of this new establishment has been accredited to Mr. Whitman’s backbreaking work and allegiance to the project.

Mr. Whitman is associated with several prominent stock exchange and asset management societies. Some of these include the Chicago Board of Trade, Minneapolis Grain-Exchange, Mercantile Association, and Chicago’s Board of Options Exchange. He is also famous as a legendary investment advisor who has played a significant role in the growth and development of several individuals and businesses. He also actively participates in conventions and seminars related to asset management.

Chuck Whitman is a degree holder in finance from DePaul University. Before the establishment of ICM, he worked as a portfolio executive for quite a few wealth management companies with the main objective of gaining as much awareness and experience about the industry and its operational techniques as possible. This enthusiasm to learn is what has led him to successfully establish two of the most well-known establishments in the country. Under his excellent supervision, ICM group scored the 4th rank in the Wealth management business sector in 2009.

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