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Marketing Strategy for Epsilon Electronics

Epsilon Electronics is a manufacturing and distribution company that specializes in state of the art automotive technology. The innovative and entrepreneurial company has been dedicated to the success of their company through strategic marketing methods. They more specifically use the strategic planning process, commonly used among many marketing teams.

Epsilon Electronics has it as their mission to facilitate the best performing and state of the art audio visual technology to entertain their clients and allow them to relax during their various rides on the road.

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For local marketing, Epsilon Electronics has created multiple local partnerships including that of PowerAcoustics. They provide them with designs and manufacturing parts, sometimes the whole product. This partnership requires a lot of communication to and from each side and especially encourages the participation of all parties in the decision making process. By include all parties, Epsilon Electronics can expand their marketing ideas to more than what they would have thought of on their own.

Additionally, Epsilon Electronics uses portfolio analysis for their marketing strategies. The sis the process of evaluating the products that the company deals with as well as the departments that deal with them. By evaluation, the company can more effectively market their strong and quality products or services while improving on others. Ideally, at the end of doing a company portfolio, Epsilon Electronics strives to understand their opportunities and threats (external affairs) and strengths and weaknesses (internal affairs). This is also known as the SWOT analysis. The analysis is just as used as the previous two processes above.

By using the above strategies to analyze everything that the company is involved with, as well as engaging and creating partnerships, Epsilon Electronics is setting themselves up for marketing success every time they run a campaign or advertisement. Their research narrows down what can and will be successful versus what will fail based on current internal affairs and the current external environment.

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