Make use of Trench boxes and keep your employees safe

Potential danger is associated with the trench jobs, as one is supposed to enter into the trench and beneath it. The atmosphere under the trench can be hazardous or the load may fall which may injure the employee working in the trench. Hence, it is advisable to opt for the OSHA trench safety equipments. These equipments are nothing but the safety shields, which are either made of steel or aluminum, because these two metals can easily withstand the bare atmosphere and wear and tear of the trenching site.

Employer’s responsibility

If you are undertaking the excavation project, then remember that the safety of employees belongs to the employer. Hence you cannot avoid the use of the trench boxes just to save few pennies. Government of many states have made the use of trench boxes necessary on the excavation or trenching sites. The reason behind is that these sites can also result in the death of the onsite employees. OSHA trench box requirements are as per the norms of the government like depth of five feet and more etc. thus, you can easily purchase the one and ensure the safety of our employee.


Know the limitations of the trench boxes

Although trench boxes offers for increased and enhanced security to the employees in the trench, but there are various limitations associated with them. Some of the limitations of the trench boxes are listed below –

  • Trench boxes can be quite heavy to move as well as handle. Hence, additional equipment may be required for their movement.
  • The walls of the trench must be quite stable for allowing the movement of the equipment around top of shield.
  • Using trench box effectively is many a times hard nut to crack, especially when number of underground utilities are available.

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