Love and Compassion Is My Religion – the book that can change the way you think about life

Finding peace in your life is quite a difficult thing in today’s life which is filled with the materialistic pleasures and the best way to get the salvation is by finding a spiritual connect with the good. The book Love and Compassion Is My Religion further emphasizes this value and is an ideal buy for those who are looking to be on the spiritual path. The book is dubbed as a guide to find your spiritual self even when you are immersed in the world of materialism and committing a number of sins to achieve the materialistic things in your life.


The book is like a teacher that helps you to learn the basics of the spiritual world and developing a connection with the good to get over all your problems in the life. Jane Zarse has tried to incorporate different ways in which you can connect with the god in this book and the book is also getting positive reviews from the critiques and the audiences. The book is based on the real life experience of the writer and how she found the ways to love her own self and made a passage way to the god.

The writer felt into the trap of alcoholism that destroyed her life completely. She even lost her marital relationship due to the problem of alcoholism. The writers come up with how a strong spiritual connect helped her to overcome the problem of alcoholism and develop love for her in the life. She has stated that when she found the God, the dark side of her life started turning into an illuminant one. This is why she feels that it can be a great read for those beginning to step in the field of spirituality and love for god. It can also help them to overcome the hurdles of life.

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