Los Angeles Online Reputation Management and Customer Lifetime Value

Los Angeles Online Reputation Management is a boutique agency that specializes in search engine reputation management. The innovative and ambitious company was founded by a 20 year veteran of web search who has perfected a reverse search engine optimization process, guarantee for any challenge. In other words, Online Reputation Management gets you or your company name off the first page of search engine results. Their process includes creating healthy content to push down to the negative result(s) that your and/or your company is associated with on the first page of search engine results. It is hard to retain customers if they see negative reviews about your company or your private practice online. That’s why by emphasizing the importance on and prioritizing customer satisfaction, customer lifetime value for all customers will increase.

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According to Los Angeles Online Reputation Management, satisfaction plays a huge rile in how much revenue a customer has potential to generate for your business. There are actions that every company needs to take to keep their customers coming back. These can be in the form of loyalty programs or tailoring experiences through customer relationship management programs. Either way, Los Angeles Online Reputation Management understands that customer lifetime value first comes from satisfying the customer on their first purchase and building on the first interaction.

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