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How to store your wine

For all of you wine lovers, who thought that you would not be able to enjoy your most relished wine for a long, due to difficulty in storage, rejoice! It is unfortunate that you have been misguided all this time, with the knowledge that only expensive wine coolers and cellars were capable of the task.. Well, the truth is that there are certain specifications, which if followed correctly, even a cheap wine cellar would help you in enjoying your most expensive and cherished wines for long term.

It is true that if you do not take proper precautions in storing wine, it wont be long before you find it transformed into vinegar. This is what the companies selling wine coolers and wine cellars have taken the advantage of. They allure people into spending more money while buying these appliances only for the profit of their own company. But if you go to think logically, the basic principle behind the functioning of a wine fridge, cooler or cellar is the same. It is the compressor or the thermoelectric system which enables the cooling in either of these, then how can there be a major difference with regard to storage.


The professionals associated with the field of wine like Wendy Eber, the president of Slocum & Sons a reputed wine cellar in Connecticut, know the essential facts of wine storage very well.

The basic and most important thing you need in order to store wine is correct temperature.The perfect temperature for storing wine is 55 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are able to maintain this temperature you are surely up for enjoying that glass of wine every time you indulge. Though there is no harm in storing wine at a lower temperature, what this does is slow down the maturing process of the wine.on the other hand a temperature much higher than this will speed up the maturing process, and hence the wine that should take, say 10 years to reach its “peak” will mature in 8 years.

Of course many might shun away the paranoia about the temperature, considering there are some who prefer speeding up the process so that they can enjoy the wine in its full bloom of taste and bouquet as early as possible. But a stability in the temperature has to be kept, to ensure the proper storage of the wine. The simple reason behind it is that, the oxidation process is rapidly activated whenever there is fluctuations in the temperature.

The humidity levels of any cooler or freezer is also of primary concern. While the cork shrinks because of low humidity, losing its ability to seal the bottle properly, high humidity causes molds and mildew to grow, which is more of a problem to the wine’s label.

Unfortunately, not many are able to keep up with the above mentioned guidelines and hence prefer buying wine from reputed sellers such as Slocum & Sons of Connecticut which runs under its president Wendy Eber. This company is a generation long spirits and wine distributor. They do not just have high quality wine but their staff too is of supreme quality who endeavor to to increase the sales by selling the bast quality wine.

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