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How to Run a Successful Business

President of Epsilon Electronics Inc., Jack Rochel operates out of Montebello, California. Jack Rochel is the type of president, every employee would want as a boss. In fact, Jack does not view himself as the boss. He practices equality within and outside the company and feels uncomfortable when there is content written about him or his company, even though they are all positive. When working, he includes himself in subsidiary, smaller operations and teams to share his input and absorb others. Even when decisions become hard to make, he does not have veto. The company operate strictly on a democratic basis and his vote is equivalent to his employee’s votes.

In some companies, upper management might seem intimidating and won’t allow lower level employees to talk their mind and voice their opinions. The consequence of this would be groupthink. An example of this is when a company is about to launch a new product and an employee notices an error of a defect in it. Because there is already a date set to get the product out to the public, there may be some doubt from customers to purchase. Upper management can decide not to listen to that employee and launch anyway and pressure the other employees to do the same.


A democratic workplace promotes talent. In a democratic workplace, employees are more inclined to share their ideas and be creative since the ideas are more likely to be received fairly and appropriately. Since Epsilon Electronics Inc. has expanded quickly within the past decade, Jack Rochel needs to make sure his employees are more productive and effective in their work. By listening to every department’s ideas and concerns, employees tend to work faster. Although hearing everyone’s opinions can take an immense amount of time, once the decision making phase is complete, tasks get done effectively. Psychologically, most who feel secure and welcome will be more motivated to execute their tasks.

Overall, Jack Rochel has seen results with his company. His company’s success and captivation of the majority of the global market in their industry has boosted their bottom line. Their implication of a democratic workplace has employees executing on ideas quicker, less confusion with too many layers of management. All these factors have contributed to a more innovative company through its employees. Jack Rochel is a strong believer in communication between management and employees, which is why he has even invested in in-house research, and development teams so he can participate hands on. Jack Rochel intends to continue investing his time, understanding, and money into the growth of the relationship between management and all his employees.

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