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How to Pick the Right Tailors Dummy


A professional tailor’s dummy, often regarded as dress maker or mannequin for sewing dummy is an effective and essential fashion design tool which guarantees a perfectly stitched garment. For a fashion based organization that is involved in making several dresses a day, with alteration and couture it is essential to have the right kind of tailors dummy in hand.


Selecting the Right One

To select the right dummy for different kinds of fashion alterations and procedures, understand the standard requirements. Sowing for one customer is different than sowing for the other. Organizations or individuals working for a variety of category need a dummy that has an adjustable model. An adjustable dummy makes it easy to increase or decrease the height and girth. Most of the nicely adjustable models have minimum eight sections.

Usually, professionals would demand an adjustable dummy that has at least twelve sections.

Commonly Known Models

K&L is the most and popular model that has a standard design and standard adjustable modes. The dimensions are designed according to the average female form, according to the sizing definition of United Kingdom. Commonly, the dummies are made out of polyester body and reinforced with a lasting glass structure. Such a model dummy ensures efficient pattern cutting and accuracy of measurements.

For top quality dressmaking, it is significant to have an excellent dressmaker dummy. Mannequins made out of traditional techniques are most successful when it comes to long lasting work on dummies. It ensures neat stitch lines and perfect quality that will serve you for several years.

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Bust Adjust – another significant resource that is required to adjust the size of the bust between 12 and 20. This is a feature most required when it comes to the alterations of waist and hips. It allows a complete customization of the measurement of whatever the size requirements of the client maybe.

Light weight – it is significant that the tailors dummy you select is light weight and easy to carry around here and there. A felt covering is considered the most ideal if it is light weight. If the body is light weight you can experiment with different kinds of materials and embellishing’s without any hassle.

Keep in mind the few tips of purchasing the right dressmakers dummy and you will be perfectly set for your fashion designing as it goes on for several years to come.

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