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How Fresh Is Your Content?

Marketing your business is one of the most important aspects of running a successful company. After all, you can’t sell your goods or services to people who have never heard of you. You need to get your business out in front of your preferred customers and convince them to utilise your services. The business world is more complex now than it has ever been. In the past, you only had to compete against similar services in your immediate area; if you were in Cardiff, you were pretty much only competing with businesses within quick driving distance of Cardiff. Now, customers in Cardiff can buy goods and services from companies in Wales and the rest of the UK. More than that, they can buy pretty much anything they need from anywhere in the world. A Cardiff resident looking for trainers could buy them from California, Canberra, or County Cork. You have to do everything in your power to attract customers the world over.

Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation is the set of techniques a business uses to increase its search engine rankings. Search engines such as Google and Bing send crawlers all over the web to index content and determine how a website should be ranked when certain searches are performed. For example, if you’re selling discounted trainers, Google will index your site to appear when people search for discounts on trainers. Good SEO will help you appear higher on the list of rankings when people search for anything related to your industry. You shouldn’t try to do this alone; you should hire talented professionals.

Bravr, the industry-leading digital marketing agency that has clients ranging from SMEs to PLCs, is a great example of a trusted firm that can help you create fresh content.

Content Freshness

In 2010, Google patented a proprietary algorithm that judges how “fresh” content is and ranks it more highly based on that freshness. No one is quite sure how exactly the algorithm works, but it is known that content is judged by how timely it is as well as how often it’s updated. For example, during the UEFA Cup, content related to football and the various teams will rank more highly on the search results. Also, that content will be ranked based on how new it is. Content about football from a few years ago will not rank as high as newer content. You need an industry-leading marketing firm to help you craft fresh content that is new and timely. Furthermore, changes on a website and within specific documents will help it rank as more fresh. Updating your blog and changing the text of your website will rank it as fresher.

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Constantly updating a blog or changing your website text is time consuming as well as difficult. You have to have a good understanding of what search engines are looking for when they rank websites. A talented marketing agency can help you create targeted content that will boost your search engine rankings. It’s the best way to attract new clients in the 21st century.

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