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GWC Valves International

We live in a world where word of mouth is the number 1 driver of sales. To be more accurate, the Internet is the number one driver of sales. Due to the evolution of the Internet and information overload, consumers can now post and find reviews and commentary about a product or service online. This is now the most trusted form of feedback about a product or service, even if it can be falsified by competitors on the Internet. So much so, these comments, ratings, and reviews can change buyer opinions within a second. The Internet holds all information and therefore, all buying power.

Due to the strong correlation between a company’s online reputation and customer or potential customer’s willingness to buy, businesses need to focus on building a strong online reputation.


GWC Valves International is a company that began as technology began to revolutionize and there was initial talk about “the Internet”. The innovative valve manufacturing company quickly hopped on the band wagon and took part in the revolutionary movement. In learning and developing with the Internet, the company and users around the world quickly realized the Internet was a large interface that held information about anything and anyone – at least that’s what it was heading towards. For this reason, GWC Valves began be build a reputable and credible reputation online with the first social media sites including MySpace and then Facebook, followed by LinkedIn for B2B business a couple of years ago.

The founders’s and original employees in-depth understanding of the evolution has allowed them to build circles with an enormous number of loyal followers that engage with them daily. Although their services are for industrial companies, the ambitious company still engages only with individuals consumers to become a household name when the topic of industrial comes up between friends and family.

GWC Valves International has found that the most effective way to engage with customers is to tell a story. Most people relate through emotional appeal and if they can relate. For this reason, GW Valves emphasizes their efficient flow control, high-quality, and performance oriented mission online. GWC Valves is a company to take after when it comes to online reputation management. They are dedicate to their consumers and their audience, on and off line.

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