GWC Valve Inc.: Water Proof Headphones

GWC Valve Inc. is a corporation best known for their involvement within the plumbing world. They designed valves and tools for installations specific for the valves. However, in order to sustain as a corporation, they must development new products or services just as illustrated from the Sigmoid Curve Theory, when one product or service starts to decline, you must start a new product or service and that is what they intend to accomplish. GWC Valve has acquired a team to design waterproof headphones. This product is a huge stretch from their existing products but they realized there is a huge market for waterproof headphones and there is practically no company who offers such a product at a premium level. There are some cheaper brands that are waterproof but many reviews stated that these brands should just try to drown out these headphones because the sound quality is twenty years behind.

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GWC Valve Inc.wants a waterproof headphone that has the same quality of sound just as V-Moda M100’s and Audiotechnica M50’s. These are the leading headphones in terms of sound quality within the three hundred dollar range and none can match them. GWC Valve knew in order to create a good sounding headphones, they needed to partner up with an existing small company. They contacted Jays from Sweden to help design such headphones but was denied since they have been working on a similar product. GWC Valve had to search and acquire a company that worked out of their basement who has technical knowledge on audio equipment, especially headphones. They purchased the local company but left all the power to the previous owner to work as the lead designer with the team of his choosing.

GWC Valve Inc. sister company, Atlantis, was formed and begun their construction on a prototype model of the headphones. They were inspired by elements of other great headphones on the market such as fully collapsible headphones with a hard-shell carrying case just like V-Moda, and crystal clear sound just as Audiotechnica. For the waterproof element, the individual drivers in each ear cup is housed by reinforced carbon fiber with a special rubber to keep the water out. The wires are all wrapped in the special rubber in order to work underwater but if you do not have a waterproof device for the music, luckily it’s Bluetooth enabled. So you can leave your phone on the chair while swimming or leave it on the sink while your taking a shower.

Some may consider this a useless and dangerous product but it can’t be worse than cigarettes.

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