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Geotextile membranes – Its types and applications in today’s world

Geotextile Membranes is a very important accessory as far as the building construction is concerned. It can help you in a number of purposes preventing your building from erosion and solves the drainage problems for you. This geotextile membrane is generally used in combination with the soil and is generally classified as the woven and non-woven fabric. They prevent any type of corrosion in the building and at the same time are very beneficial in case of heavy rainfall as it protects the roads or buildings. Here is just a brief discussion on the types and categories of these Geotextiles:

Non-Woven Geotextile Membrane:

The non woven membrane is most commonly used for the domestic or in-house applications such as the drainage control. Filtration and most importantly the weed control. When you add a layer of this membrane to the open spaces in your garden area, it will prevent any weed from growing up thus solving a very important issue for you.


You can also get dedicated Geotextile Membrane For Soakaway which is highly recommended for you in case you live in an area that is quite prone to the rainfall to manage your garden area with ease and aplomb.

Woven Geotextile Membrane:

This Geotextile is more commonly used for the outdoor applications such as the road construction to get hard standing areas. You can also employ them in the horse arenas or the paddocks for erosion control. They are also commonly employed in the sports arenas as the covering to protect the soil over there. There are various Geotextile Membrane Suppliers that specialize in the sales of the membranes that are especially dedicated for the sports arenas which provide with the drainage and soak away to keep the arena ready for the games in case of rains or the due problems.

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