From Addiction to Success


Per Wickstromwas once a drug addict and today he is now the entrepreneur of many drug rehabs across the United States. These include the Best Drug Rehabilitation, A Forever Recovery, Choices Recovery and many more drug rehabilitation centers as well. When Per Wickstrom was younger he got addicted to drugs after going through his first heartbreak. Once Per Wickstrom overcame his drug addiction and graduated from rehab, he wanted to be able to give others the opportunity to enjoy the same life-affirming success that he himself did. Going through rehabilitation is extremely difficult at the beginning but it clearly pays off and works and that proof is within Per Wickstrom himself. He is proof that a drug rehabilitation center actually works. He has mentioned that rehabilitation takes a lot of dedication; if the addict isn’t willing to cooperate for their own well being, then rehabilitation would be extremely difficult for them to take in.

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At Per Wickstrom’s rehabilitation centers, he focuses on a natural and holistic treatment method for recovery. This is what worked for him and over the past years, it seems to be the best bet for all of his clients that signed up at his rehab center. His goal in life is to give back to others and allow them to overcome the same obstacles that he himself had to overcome; getting over a drug addiction. Some people don’t like to talk about their struggles with drug addiction in their past, but Per Wickstromdoesn’t mind since he came out of it stronger than ever and even decided that he wanted his own drug rehab. When joining rehabilitation, you benefit physically and emotionally from the experience because you are physically and mentally healing your body in order to come out of it drug-free and be able to live a life without having any urges to abuse drugs or any addictive substance again.

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