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For Superior Quality Neon Sign Boards, Contact Jantec Sign Group

Neon sign was invented by a Frenchman in early 19th century and it was an instant hit. Due the colorful lights and unique designs these signs are capable in attracting good amount of customers right the doorstep of the store. Earlier these boards were only available in red color light but with time and some improvements, several changes were made in their design and today you can get around 150 colors which can be used in making custom signs.

The best thing about using neon signs is that it gives your advertising message an artistic look and makes it more vibrant. Neon Signs come under the category of outside advertising and also used as big electronic message boards in various metropolises. Whether it is about displaying the name of the company or just want to tell something as “open”, or promote a product, custom neon signs not only get noticed, they also get remembered.


Nowadays neon signs are incorporated with aluminum boards and the way they are presented makes them a perfect head turning advertisement. Neon signs are usually made to advertise hotels, bars, casinos and other entertainment venues which are opened till midnight. Neon’s can be seen from a great distance which makes it easier for people to locate your store and helps them in remembering what kind of services you offer. Modern day neon sign boards come in both static i.e. open & close signs and moving displays which create moving illusions. So if you looking for the best neon sign board maker then you must come to Jantec Sign Group

Jantec Sign Group specializes in manufacturing customized Jantec Neon signs which will surely meet you advertising needs. They offer highest quality and most affordable neon signs which can be used on premises, at various locations and can be mounted on trucks too. Till now they have supplied neon signs to over millions of business houses spread across USA. They have variety of board designs and vibrant color range of lights which surely help you attract good amount of customers.

All you need to do is to get in touch with their experts, provide them details about what kind of Jantec Neon signs you want, and they will provide you with amazing neon within few days. Feel free to visit their website to go through the variety of designs they offer.

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