File Bankruptcy Can Wipeout Credit Card Debt

When you keep on buying items and paying bills with your credit card, little do you keep in mind that you will have to pack back too! Often the pile up of bills on the credit card will leads to disasters if you can’t repay the debt. Once you miss a few payments yourCredit Card Companywill mark your credit history for late payment which will affect your credit score. The best way to get rid of credit card and other debt is to file Bankruptcy. To file bankruptcy, it’s best to get help from a Bankruptcy Attorney. Before you start the bankruptcy process, it’s best if you consult with a track record bankruptcy attorney so they can advice you what to do and the process of eliminating debt.  Anyone who needs a free bankruptcy advice can contact Consumer Action Law Group. They are Los Angeles bankruptcy attorneys that are experience with getting rid of debt while saving your access.


Consumer Action Law Group is a law firm with many Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorneys that can help anyone in the process of eliminating debt. The best part about this firm is you get to speak live with a Bankruptcy Attorney for free. You do not need to pay for the consultation. However, if you hire them, you will have to pay them so make sure you ask them for cost on the first call.

The Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Will Save You From The Foreclosure

Bankruptcy can stop foreclosure immediately. When you received a foreclosure notice it is not too late. You can still save your home by filing bankruptcy to catch up with a payment plan or file chapter 13 bankruptcy.Chapter 13 will save you from many problems such as:

  • Lenders won’t be able to make any more collection attempts through foreclosure or other collection calls
  • Stop the sale process. The court on receiving the declaration of chapter 13 bankruptcy would be compelled to instantly put a stop on foreclosure.
  • Allow you to stay in your home by giving you time to arrange for some other ways to payback the debt or go for a loan modification negotiation with the lender.

Bankruptcy is a complicate process and it’s very hard to be done by a person without bankruptcy law expert. Filing bankruptcy with an attorney will give you a smooth process. As you are nearing foreclosure and have the court’s notice on hand, you really get less time to think and act. This is the crunch hour, when you need the support of a strong and efficient law firm that knows how to bankruptcy cases easily. Only your bankruptcy lawyer from a law firm would be able to suggest withina very short time if you need to go for a chapter 13 or chapter 7 bankruptcy to wipe out the credit card debt.

Anyone who need free bankruptcy consultation can call 818-254-8413 to speak to a Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorney or visit:

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