Epsilon Electronics Inc.: Transport industry

Epsilon Electronics Inc. is on a mission to help bring music to public transportation. The son of one of the board of directors came to his mother and shared his thoughts on extending their services to public sectors such as public transport. He believed that public transportation needs to have good audio equipment to play some music to people on the bus, especially people without music of their own, it is a great way for people to distress. This sparked an idea for a marketing campaign.

Epsilon Electronics Inc. decided to create a marketing campaign on bringing quality audio equipment to the public transportation. They built in hidden cameras on various buses and recorded passengers getting on the bus. When they’re deep in thought on the bus ride, they would slowly increase the volume to some radio music, specifically to artist such as Pharrell and Beyoncé. They played upbeat music and recorded people reacting to the music. Then they would have Pharrell enter the bus or subway and start singing with the crowd. On the cameras, you would see people start singing and smiling together and having a good time. Some guy ends up shooting out his coffee since he already woke up from the music and people feel refreshed when getting off at their stop for work. The tag line would be, a little bit of music to start the day. Epsilon Electronics Inc. wants this tagline to resonate within the public transportation community anyway as possible.

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Epsilon Electronics Inc. only has one major barrier, the transportation company in each city. Since themunicipal government and not the federal run the public transport, they’ll need to go to each state to request permission to sell but they will also need the public transportation company to decide to purchase it. Most companies refuse to buy the equipment for buses or subway carts; however, they didn’t stop there. Epsilon Electronics Inc. decided to go straight to the supplier of busses and subway cars. The idea and the message resonated with them greatly; they decided to install their equipment in all their public transportation projects. The only issue was now to convince the states to operate the equipment by playing the radio or mixed tracks from popular artists. With the backing of some major artists, they were able to finally convince the municipal government to play the radio on the public transport. Epsilon Electronics Inc. cared more about the service than the dollar amounts attached to this project, hence why they were successful in their venture.

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