Enforcing a safe workplace

Whether a person is running his/her own business or already working under an employer, a safe & healthy workplace with a friendly work environment is what everyone expects. Increasing awareness for the same is as necessary and must not be ignored. Several safety protocols have been designed to help businesses to keep their employees safe from any harm or accidents. These accidents can involve almost anything from as minor unwanted breach to as severe as an open shooter firing to the masses. As both could occur unexpectedly, one can only prepare to keep themselves safe during and after the incident. So what should be done to keep the employees and thus the business safe from these attacks?


The first and the most important thing are to organize safety training sessions more often within the organization. Educational sessions can get the employees aware of what could occur unexpectedly and what measures must be taken during and after the incident. These should be mandatory for all staff and you should cover the various safety rules within the workplace and should explain to all staff as to why these rules are in place. If a terror attack, for example, happens at the organization, the employees must know the basic thumb rules to get out of the risk and reach towards safety.

Another way to handle this issue would be to run regular active shooter drills, as it is one of the most correct ways of enforcing safety within organization. There would be weekly tests that will ensure the alarms are in working orderly, and would also familiarize your employees with the sound of them. You should also hold evacuation drills throughout the year to make sure that your employees understand what they may need to do during such an attack and how it should be done properly.

There are some reputed organizations around the states such as Alamom Consulting Inc. having professional staff that has been offering trainings for tackling the similar scenarios for years offered the best as possible. Not only do they organize informational sessions but also arrange some active shooter exercises. This ensures them to check whether everyone is performing well or not and also makes the employer confident that, in case anything like that happens, they have the best of the knowledge to get out of the situation altogether.

So if you too have a number of employees working under, train them for all the emergency situations to minimize human as well as property loss.

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