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Diplomatic Missions Rely On The Services Of CKGS for Management Of Their All Documents

It is a known fact that diplomatic missions and embassies offer a large number of services. Clearly, they have to manage a great heap of visa documents, passport applications and much more documents on a daily basis. Millions of people aspire to get a visa for holidaying, study abroad, or to settle abroad. No wonder, it becomes a herculean task for such missions and embassies to cope up with the pressure. There is also a need to manage the documents in a secure way so that it can‘t be accessed by any unauthorized person. Cox & Kings Global Services (CKGS) cater to this need and manage the documents brilliantly by the virtue of its expertise and experience. The company is a reputed one and was founded in 2008.

The company not only manages documents but is also a specialist when it comes to aid diplomatic missions and embassies in rendering consular services in an efficient manner. In this way, the company helps these organizations in keeping a complete focus on the tasks pertaining to adjudication. CKGS is in fact, preferred by a large number of diplomatic missions across the world to bring speed and security to their consular services. The company was earlier popular as Quoprro Global Services.


Digitization of all paper documents

Cox & Kings Global Services (CKGS) do the digitization of the paper documents by scanning them in a proper manner. It then stores all the electronic documents in a secure way so that the documents are easy to access whenever necessary. This is a huge respite for diplomatic missions, as they no longer have to store the vast data physically. Secondly, this company takes care of the fact that each digital application form can be retrieved fast and for this, a unique indexing method is applied. Unique document identifiers thus, facilitate easy retrieval. These documents are also converted into a PDF version so that any kind of tampering with the same become impossible. All the process is done which adhering to the high international standards to promote a high level of data security.

List of diplomatic missions and embassies served

CKGS is currently committed to serving a long list of embassies and diplomatic missions who completely rely on the brilliant professionalism of the company professionals while managing their documents effortlessly. The name of the clients of the company is mentioned below.

  • Bahrain visa application centre – Egypt
  • Vietnam Visa Application & Processing Centre
  • Embassy of India & Its Consulates
  • Royal Thai Consulate General
  • Embassy of Japan
  • The Embassy of India
  • Consulate General of Italy
  • RERA-Government of Dubai
  • Dubai Naturalization and Residency Department(DNRD)

Clearly, there is no one else in the industry that has matched the high standards established by the company in managing vital documents for diplomatic missions and embassies on a global scale. The company has a global presence with its centers in Vietnam, Dubai, Kuwait, Sweden, USA, Egypt, Latvia, Kuwait, New-Delhi, and Mumbai. Its offices are however at three different locations i.e. New Delhi, Mumbai and Dubai.

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