Larissa Castelluber and Design Moves LLC entered the branding world for one reason: to help companies  and organizations grow as a way to build their community. Now, just seven years later, the hybrid branding company has become one of the biggest names in design, marketing and branding in the country.


Larissa realized early on that, just like people, every business has their story and she wanted to be a part of communicating that story to the world. She found very quickly she had an intuitive ability for turning journeys into selling points for businesses and helping them grow. Finding the story and making sure it is communicated in a clear and creative way has become the main goal and claim to fame for Design Moves LLC. Larissa’s and the company’s belief is the the personal connection we make that builds relationships, not just flashy words or pictures.

In her previous experience, Larissa saw large marketing firms scamming small businesses by way of boxing them into cookie-cutter campaigns and strict contracts. Larissa and the crew at Design Moves LLC, started near the New York City region and now resides in South Florida. They believe their success comes from the fact that they know every client and job is going to be different, so they start from scratch every time to create the perfectly unique solutions for each brand. They educate each client on the options they offer and how their process works. They believe this is a major factor in the success of a job which most other branding and marketing companies fail to do.

The system Larissa put into effect has proven to work as design [moves] has created solutions for small, local businesses, the federal government, and everything in between including the City of Hallandale Beach, Brooklyn Fashion Week, and The Coral Springs Art Center. Due to the advances of the internet and social media, Design Moves has found genuine concepts are shown to prove themselves over campaigns that are just “shoved down your throat.” In the future, Larissa foresees Design Moves becoming a self-managed company, led by a multi-level team of creative and passionate individuals who know how to work on a personal level.

Businesses and individuals are encouraged to visit for more information about Design Moves and their services, as well as featured events, case studies, and a shop for marketing related e-books.

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