Create a safe environment at excavation site

Trenches are common on engineering and construction sites. Trenches are used for laying down telephone lines, pipelines, etc. Trenches can be shallow or deep. The depth of trenches depends on the construction work. Trenching and excavation both are considered to be very unsafe for the workers. Thus, it is important to make use of safety equipments during excavation. To provide protection to the workers, trench box can be used during excavation.

Dangers in excavation work

There are many dangers that are associated with trenching and excavation work such as cave- ins, falling loads, falls, harmful atmosphere, etc. All these accidents take lives of so many workers involved in excavation work every year. Thus, some rules should be followed during excavation work to avoid these life taking hazards such as-


  • It is important to keep all the heavy equipments and machines away from the edges of trench.
  • Before starting the actual work in a trench, one should check the level of oxygen at the depth. Moreover, it is important to check for toxic gases and dangerous fumes in the trench to avoid any health problems.
  • Make use of all the safety measures and equipments to ensure the safety of workers involved in the excavation work. Trench support is very important in excavation work for safety. Trench box for sale are available online. It can be used for providing support to the trench.
  • On regular basis, inspection of tech support is very important. Check for the signs of damages in the tech support to avoid accidents.
  • All the workers on excavation site must wear their protective equipments, hard hats, strong boots and protective clothes.

By following the above written rules, total safety can be maintained at the excavation site and this will reduce the number of accidents that take place every year at different excavation sites.

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