Buying Bespoke and Engraved Food Boards Online

Food boards are not just used for preparing ingredients before you make something to eat. They can serve many purposes from a personal gift to adding a nice piece of décor to your kitchen or dining room. Bespoke and engraved food boards have increased in popularity in recent years as well, adding an entire new dimension to something that was previously just seen as another kitchen utensil!

Anyone that has enjoyed a bite to eat in a pub or a nice bar in recent times has more than likely had their food served on a food board, which tend to always be made of wood in most cases (although other materials can certainly be used too!). They look great for serving food from and can come in many different shapes and sizes too, from a traditional rectangular chopping board shape to something more circular.

Since they look good and serve a few useful purposes, more and more people have started looking for their very own personalised food boards.


Thinking about buying a bespoke or engraved food board? Here are a few good reasons why you should!

They Make a Great Gift

Giving someone a gift that also has a personalised message or name on it can instantly add to the appreciation of said gift. Nothing is better than something personal, so giving someone the present of a high quality food board with a funny or endearing personalisation can make for a truly wonderful gift.

The fact you have a personalised engraving on it and you have a really great idea for a gift for any number of occasions, such as a wedding present, a mother’s day gift, or for someone’s birthday. Know someone that loves to cook? Then an engraved food board would certainly be an appropriate gift!

They are Very Stylish

When using a high quality material for a bespoke and engraved food board, it can really add a sense of style to a kitchen. Wood is often used as the material for a food board, and using a quality wood such as oak or olive wood can really make a food board stand out in a room.

There is ample choice when it comes to shapes and sizes. For example more natural looking food boards that closely resemble wood in a more natural state can add a real dash of rustic style to a room.

Engravings Can Suit Any Purpose

Engraving food boards is really easy to do, so you can end up with some brilliant images or words on the board. Be it the name of someone you love, something funny, or just a stylish font and design, there is plenty to choose from when getting a bespoke and engraved food board.

This also helps when you buy it for a specific reason. Is it a wedding gift? Then you can get the date of the wedding or the couples name engraved onto it. Is it for something stylish at home? Then add some cool text to it in an eye-catching font – there are options aplenty when it comes to engraving your food board.

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