Benefits of setting up a company in Hong Kong

Many companies like to expand their business overseas and for setting up an overseas company overseas, Hong Kong is one of the best choices. The main reasons for setting up a company overseas are to enter the international market and to enhance the growth of your business. Hong Kong is a tax friendly jurisdiction as well. Hong Kong is now one of the most popular and best cities for setting up the business overseas.

In every manner, Hong Kong is best suitable for establishing the business. Location, economy, taxation policy, political environment, productive legal system, etc. all make Hong Kong the best place to establish and run a business. You can take the help of Corporate Hub for getting the knowledge about Hong Kong company formation. They can help you in establishing the business in Hong Kong at low costs and with great services.



Reasons for choosing Hong Kong

There are many reasons for which you should choose Hong Kong for establishing the business. Some reasons are listed below-

  • Opening a company or business firm in Hong Kong is inexpensive and easy.
  • The foreigners have the permission to own 100% of Hong Kong Company. They can be the sole shareholder or the sole director of the company. Unlike other countries, it is not mandatory that you have to partner with a local resident for setting up a company in Hong Kong.
  • In comparison to the neighboring countries, Honk Kong provides worldwide recognition and stability.
  • In Hong Kong, companies are permitted to have multi-currency bank accounts.
  • When it comes to banking and business, Hong Kong is a global leader.
  • Hong Kong comes under the least corrupt nations of the world.
  • Profits which are made outside the Honk Kong are totally tax-free.
  • Hong Kong provides world class business infrastructure.
  • Hong Kong is strategically located for business in the Mainland China and other Asian countries.
  • Hong Kong is the gateway to Mainland China.

After knowing about the benefits of setting up company in Honk Kong, you will find that Hong Kong is one of the best choices to expand business overseas.If you already have your own company in Hong Kong, you could also consider switching your company secretary to Corporate Hub which offers great services at low costs.


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