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Benefits of hoarding graphics

In today’s media driven world where advertising is around us at all times, it is easy to become desensitized to what is shown to us. This is especially true with the abundance of online advertising, there are benefits to this as people are more drawn to real world subjects instead of the virtual.

The world around us is now growing and changing at an exponential rate, buildings are replaced and cities change with such rate we can actually watch the progress as we go about our daily lives. People are naturally inquisitive and this is where hoarding graphics can tap into the natural observant ways of the public, as we become desensitized to one technique we become open to another. Using hoarding graphics is an excellent way of reaching vast numbers of people with minimal effort, and not only do you reach more of your target demographic with each day you also take advantage of repeat viewing of your graphic.

Think of all those who pass by hoardings everyday how often their eyes are drawn to them, first out of curiosity then out of habit. You have the ability to become part of your target demographics day to day lives, and through this becoming embedded in a potential customer’s mind.

hoarding graphics

This also applies to internal hoarding graphics, perhaps more so as you have a captive market. Internal hoarding and internal hoarding graphics have the ability to not only reach a huge number of your target audience but also if used correctly become a conversation piece. The people who are drawn in by an eye catching internal hoarding will naturally discuss it with those around them, this not only spreads your message but also opens up the eyes of those not immediately caught by the graphic.

All of these things are a benefit to hoarding and should not be underestimated. In this modern world where all demographics and audiences are constantly bombarded by technological messages any way that can buck the trend will automatically become more noticeable. The danger with most other techniques of getting information or a message across, is that eventually the target audience will become detached as what was once eye catching and high impact now becomes the norm. This is perhaps the biggest benefit of hoarding graphics; by their very nature they are subject to change. This gives you the chance to constantly target new areas, more of your target demographic and more importantly stay in the mind of all those who see your graphic. Change is as good as a rest the old saying goes, and this rings true here. Hoardings are in no danger of going away as our societies grow and change, they are a constant which benefits all those who use them but they are a changing constant and that is a good thing. New markets with each new hoarding, tapping into the inquisitive human nature. Above all hoarding is almost always in direct eye line, this puts your message front and centre to your audience which is what every message needs a direct and constant line of contact.

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