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Alcohol too is influenced by maple syrup!

Ever heard of an alcoholic drink made using maple syrup? Yes. You heard it right. Maple syrup is fermented to make maple liquor. It has a great cultural influence in Canada and is consumed as a cultural beverage.

The liquor is not entirely made of maple syrup. There is a part of rye whiskey added to the mix. The best thing about maple liquor is that it requires absolutely no fancy setup in terms of production. It can be made at home with great ease. This is one of the reasons as to why the people in Canada don’t have to hit a liquor store to get their hands on a bottle of maple liquor. It is consumed on its own and a concoction of maple liquor and coffee or cocktails is pretty common.

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Only two ingredients are required for making maple liquor. It is the rye whiskey and pure maple syrup. The darker maple syrup is preferred over the lighter ones for making maple liquor. This is because of the darker syrup having a stronger and intense flavor which is imparted to the liquor.

The rye whiskey and the maple syrup are mixed in equal parts and allowed to sit for a period of two weeks. It is stored in a refrigerator. Prior to storing the mixture, it is mixed completely and other flavoring substances like honey, glycerin. Etc. are added as per the taste. Like any other liquor, maple liquor too tastes the best when it is allowed to age for a longer period of time.

Where do you get the best maple liquor?

Until the early 2010s, producing maple liquor on a commercial scale was not a common practice. The introduction of maple whiskey has paved theway for the commercialization of maple liquor. Sortilege is one of the most popular drink which is maple whiskey. Crown Royal who are the first ones to commercialize maple liquor. This brand originates in Canada and has grown to be one of the best sortilege manufacturers.

Pure maple syrup is essential for this process and it is rare to procure. Companies like Maple Syrup Direct sell pure maple syrup in different grades. Maple Syrup Direct also ships their product worldwide.

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