A Successful Business Story

The story of a successful CEO is Per Wickstrom’s and how he overcame drug addiction and turned that experience into a positive lifestyle of helping people. His story starts with how when he was just about 14 years old he got his heart broken and this lead him to his first beer which later turned into more harmful and severe substances. Once Per Wickstrom involved himself in hard substances and was abusing drugs, he eventually hit rock bottom and this lead him to the man he is today. A successful business owner of many drug rehabilitation centers across the United States. Drug rehab centers that he owns are the Best Drug Rehabilitation, Choices Recovery and A Forever Recovery.  What all three successful rehab centers have in common is that they all go through with the recovery’s using only a holistic and natural method for recovery; this includes no prescription drugs or anything like that just vitamins to get back to regular health and as well as a normal customized diet for each individual. At the Best Drug Rehabilitation, they have a 3 step program that allows the individual to heal their physical self first, followed by their mental health then finally their spiritual healing to make sure that they never touch any drug ever again. Choices Recovery and A Forever Recovery as well follow the three-step program, and they as well have the in and out-patient option in case an individual needs more supervision and attention than others depending on their drug addiction.

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Per Wickstrom is proud to be the man he is today and he has great morals which are to help any individual that is going through what he went through. It is normal that he has a successful business for rehabilitation centers based on the fact that he himself went through this tough experience. He understands that drug addicts push their loved ones away and are often alone in this battle with drug addiction and that’s why having his rehabilitation centers all over the United States and as well as differentiating one another from factors such as cost, location and whether or not they are an in or out-patient all vary on the location the individual chooses. Per Wickstrom turns many lives around from a negative lifestyle to a positive drug-free lifestyle and he is proud of this life he chose.

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