A Glimpse into the Life of Roy Albert Andrade- Author of Cultivating the DNA of Crime and Virula: Renaissance Outlaw

The story of Roy Albert Andrade clearly reflects the irony of life. He was a Californian gangster who later transformed into the author of two bestsellers. His journey began on the streets of Pacoima, California, United States. As a little kid, he was lured into joining the street gangs with the purpose of providing safety for himself. As a result, he was involved in a number of anti-social vices such as gang wars as well as drug trafficking. His life however took a new turn when he was given a life sentence in jail due to his affiliation with the drug mafia.

After being released in from jail in 2008, Roy enrolled in the University of Phoenix where he cut his teeth as a writer. He wrote 2 crime fiction novels- Cultivating the DNA of Crime and Virula: Renaissance Outlaw, which turned out to be international bestsellers. The novels are however amazing due to the humors Roy added to the stories. These however were not expected in a crime fiction. During his time in Salina’s Valley State prison, he enrolled for a number of academic courses, self-help groups and interviewed fellow prisoners in order to have a deep knowledge about their stories and about different gangs and mafia.


The knowledge gained from these series of courses and interviews can be noticed in his style of writing which arrests the attention of his readers and makes them coming back for more. His experience in the negative world earned him the opportunity to inject a unique first person personality into his fictions.

His perceptions about the financial aspect of life changed after laying his hands on Donald Trump’s “Think like a Billionaire.” So that he came become a successful author, he sought for the motivational backing of a publisher and employed the service of George Pryce. Both guys (Roy Albert Andrade and George Pryce) have so far being successful. This is because the two books they’ve both worked on have been internationally appreciated and acclaimed.

His first book- Cultivating the DNA of Crime, reveals the life of a 13 year old kid who became a Killer due to his association with mafia gang and was highly sought after by numerous international organizations. The book was released in May, 2014 and reflects the series of interviews he conducted while he was in the prison. His second book titled Virula- Renaissance Outlaw, is the first book in the Virula series. The book shows the life of street gangs. Both books are uniquely crafted and have won him fans all over the world.


About Virula- Renaissance Outlaw

Roy Albert Andrade is currently in the news due to his second book- “Virula: Renaissance Outlaw.”The book was released in March 2015. It recounts the real life experiences of the author. “Cultivating the DNA of Crime” which was his first fiction novel was about his real life experiences in the world of gang actions and adventures. He was inspired to write after interacting with his fellow inmates and turned him into a bestselling and passionate writer.

The story in “Virula- Renaissance Outlaw” revolvesaround the character Virula (Roy himself) where he narrates his experiences as a gang member, drug dealer and an ex-convict. Roy writes in such a manner that captivates his readers’ mind and has a deep understanding about the theme of his novels. The story contained in his second novel definitely captures the reality.

As contained in the story, Virula drops out of school and joins a mafia gang due to the hardships he has been facing in life. He is very courageous and gets around hard situations. Due to his courage, his gang takes advantage of him and makes him fulfill his desire for drugs and women. The major incident contained in the story takes place in Los Angeles on Father’s day eve. Apart from the fact that the novel is a crime story, it also depicts love. The novel is an eye-opener into gang world and crimes. In summary, the novel is compelling and entertaining and will definitely make the readers asking for a sequel.

Andrade was only 12 years old when he was lured to join the mafia gang. At that time, the city of Pacoima was divided into various Latino gangs that called themselves “families.” Andrade decided to join the groups since he had no family structure. The city still has lots of gangs up till date. More than 40 gangs still operate in the city and are involved in murders, gambling, robberies, drug dealings and kidnappings.

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He was nicknamed “Bandit” by his fellow gangsters and was later nicknamed “Killer.”  He and his gang were later known by San Fernando Valley of California. Their activities eventually led to his arrest. After a brief period in prison, he was released.

Andrade is not involved in writing alone, he also manages and runs his companies- k1ller Publishing Co. and K1ller Inc. He also founded “The K1ller Foundation” aimed at keeping youths away from crime.

According to Roy Andrade, his success can be attributed to the path of education he chose. Through his books, he aims to fulfill his passion to keep youths away from embracing crime. You can get Andrade’s books as ebooks on iTunes. You can also purchase his books from Barnes & Noble as well as Amazon amongst others. The coming books in Virula series will portray Virula as the protagonist. His plan is to complete his six series of novels that talks about crime. Also, he strives by putting in effort to persuade youths to desist from the path of crime. As you can deduce from this piece, the then 13 year old “Killer” has earned and accomplished a lot.

Cultivating the DNA of Crime and Virula: Renaissance Outlaw are available in hard covers and can be purchased from many book stores, private retailers as well as ecommerce portals such as Amazon.

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