10 Benefits of Using a Scrubber Drier

Cleaning floor spaces is only as effective as the equipment used. Janitorial tools come in many forms, and a scrubber drier is one of them. For a company that requires expansive cleaning, scrubber/drier machines are better options compared to traditional modes. These machines come in different forms, and we have them in a wide range. A scrubber/drier can be a ride on or a walk behind. With a ride-on scrubber, the operator gets to clean while sitting on it but a walk behind requires operation from the back of the machine. If you are contemplating getting a scrubber/drier for the company but still wonder what benefits you gain from it, here is what to expect.

Reduced Slip Hazards

With this type of floor cleaner, you can expect more safety. Wet and slippery floors are some of the most common causes of workplace accidents. Some traditional cleaning methods leave behind wetness, or cleaners take a while to dry floors. Such situations present the risks of slip and fall for everyone who uses these areas, even when there are caution signs. This machine scrubs and dries simultaneously, meaning there is no chance of leaving wet floors behind even for a second.



The other safety and health benefit is that workers are not exposed to the toxic effects of cleaning products. Ride on and walk behind scrubber driers contain the water and solutions in an enclosed space. There is no risk of it spilling either.

Less Exhaustion

An operator using a ride on scrubber will not tire as much. In companies where the janitorial crew has to clean very large spaces, exhaustion is always a concern. Workers will get tired easily when they have to clean an entire factory plant on their feet. Operators that have to clean using a ride on machine will be physically capable of handling more work. It also means that productivity in the company increases when workers have the energy to carry out other duties.

Saves Time

Time-saving is a plus point of using a ride on scrubber cleaner. It will take less time for a janitor to clean the company lobby when they are using an automated machine the when going back and forth with a bucket.

Saves Money

Another resource you get to save on is money. The work that one machine is capable of doing may take several human workers to get through. You can hire a scrubber drier for a few days or years. The equipment will only need a suitable operator to do its job.

Wider Scrubbing Paths

The mechanical nature of scrubber machines allows them to cover wider scrubbing paths. Increasing the width of the cleaning path means that a worker will spend less time in a particular space. This feature contributes to the cost-effectiveness, time saving, and productivity increase by using a scrubber/drier.

Consistent Cleaning

Using walk behind scrubber driers provides a more consistent technique of cleaning. It is a machine; and therefore, can duplicate the process over and over. Problems such as streaks and stains being left behind don’t bother the cleaning crew with this machine.

Overall Productivity

The overall productivity of a company increases on many levels when using this mechanical floor cleaner. When workers don’t have to take constant breaks from their cleaning duties, it benefits the company. There is also the solution-holding capacity of the equipment. Workers don’t have to change water and add detergents every few minutes.


Scrubber machines have multi-wash capabilities. Different floors require specific cleaning techniques during manual cleaning. A floor scrubber will clean low pile carpet floors, non-slip floors, entrance matting and escalators.

Ease of Use

The availability of controls on the floor scrubber means that operators don’t have to undergo extensive training to learn how to use it. A basic understanding of the machine is enough to carry our janitorial duties efficiently.

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